Google Ads
+118% Conversion rate

01. The Challenge

O ur client has just started one of their new projects within a travel industry aiming for a high-end consumers making bookings for the limousine service. The current budgets for Google Adwords (as it was named this way back in 2016) was oscillating at around only 100€ per month and our job was to keep working on the same budget but get better results in terms of Clicks to the website, CTR, Average CPC, Cost/conversion, conversion rate and final number of conversions for this specific new project.

02. Working Process

We have proposed to work in 3 main dimensions which was testing creatives on the Google Adwords Ads, obtaining more visual space in the search results by implementing more extensions to the ads and finally working on the destination pages on the client’s website in order to bring the ads quality score to the highest possible range.

03. Perfect Result

In the first month only we were able to bring the average cost per click down by 14% working exactly on the same budget as before while having 12,3% more clicks in absolute terms and having over 31% less overall impressions on our ads which meant we were targeting better the viewers that led simply in the first month to a growth of 60% in CTR.

We were happy that XperiencePoland let us focus on our work while creating great environment for us to ask questions in order to bring better creative ideas to the ads targeting their customers. Over the course of the first 6 months period we generated the following results. Starting from the most important – the absolute number of conversions which was a collosal 264% higher than the number from the previous months. Cost per conversion has dropper by 64%. Click-through-rate has increased within this time up by 116%. And the most important thing of all is that everything was possible within the same budget for the campaign.